You are such an important part of our program. Many of you volunteer and donate to help the thousands of kids we work with over the years.  So remember we need your donations to keep working with the thousands of youth we fish with each year.

November 21, 2016 at 2 PM Bass Pro Shops in Miami at Dolphin Mall  donated a Regency 254 27.5 foot Fishing Pontoon. This allow us to take up to 15 youth fishing at a time in the bay, everglades and local canals. It will enhance our program and give the youth more incentive to do well in school. Click Here to  view the video of this donation program. 

Email us for more information including details of the the launch celebration. 

There are several ways you can support this program in addition to making a direct donation. As you prepare for the holiday season use the following links to shop and this businesses will make a donation or pay a fee to support us. This is at no cost to you. They do not increase their prices to make this contribution.

Amazon Smile this link will allow you to shop as you normally would and they will make a donation to us. This doesn’t cost you anything to use and benefits the kids. The link to donate is here and above

Good search Use this link to search to provide a donation to us.  Good Search Link

As always we really appreciate your support. We could not help the thousands of kids that we work with each year without you. Please do not hesitate to share suggestions that you have to improve this program. Also please share our information on social media so that we can reach more youth. Thank you for your help.

Robert and Kathleen

Mahogany Youth Corporation

Help make a difference!

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