You are so important to Mahogany Youth. Without you these children couldn't have the outdoor experience. Your volunteering, support  and donations make this program possible. You help to motivate the youth to succeed. You see the youth need people they can depend on. In so many of their lives everyone lets them down. They live with constant disappointment. From their families, the schools, their friends and a system that believes in the school to the jail process. Many do not read at grade level and have not been taught critical thinking skills. So they are set up to fail before they even have a chance. 
We work to change that reality by motivating them to succeed and to want to do well in school. You provide the resources for them to have someone they can depend on and trust. You see when they first join Mahogany Youth they don't believe someone will pick them up, take them fishing, hold them accountable for their grades and behavior, or just show up on a regular basis. So many have been let down before by people that talk a good game but don;t follow through with their promises. Because of you we have the ability to change that for them. We give them something else to believe in by teaching them to believe in themselves. To have success and achievements they never knew existed. Simple fishing for fun becomes a tool to teach life skills, mentor and encourage. And its all because of you. Thank you. We appreciate your partnership and are grateful for your participation. 
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