Fishing is the hook that we use to get the kids attention.

Since 1994 we have fished with 10,000s of kids. Mahogany Youth Corporation is well respected in the community and have been featured in the Miami Herald , and Miami Times newspapers. We have fished with the Miami Dade and Broward County Schools, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dade, Miami Gardens and Broward County Parks departments and the Juvenile Justice Department plus many other organizations. Mahogany Youth Corporation facilitated the Youth Fishing Program at Bass Pro Shops in Dania Florida for several years. Our volunteers and staff are trained, certified and insured mentors who have a positive life changing impact on your children.

Teach a Child to Fish” which incorporates the  "Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs " curriculum is designed to teach  youth sport fishing. Your kids learn how to fish and enjoy the outdoors while practicing life skills with a stay off drugs message which is incorporated into everything we do. Mahogany Youth Corporation recruits volunteers, and provides paid staff that is thoroughly trained, certified and insured. Our programs include in school, after-school, out of school and Saturday programs.  We are working with the Miami-Dade School district, Miami and Broward parks departments to reach inner-cities youth (ages 6-18) in Broward and Dade Counties. Your kids have fun and learn valuable skills to succeed.

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