Bass Pro Shops, a leading outdoor retailer, donated a new Regency pontoon boat to the South Florida-based nonprofit Mahogany Youth Corporation, significantly advancing the organization’s ability to introduce thousands of area at-risk children to the outdoors through innovative fishing program. Bass Pro Shop (Miami) supports South Florida Youth by donating a 27 foot Regency 254 DL# Pontoon to Mahogany Youth Corporation to use with its youth program. " This boat is a game changer.  It creates more energy and incentive for the youth to well in school so they can be the one invited on to the boat, Because of the size of the pontoon we can now take up to 7 kids out at a time to fish. This total transforms our program giving us a vital tool to use for behavior modification. " according to Mahogany Youth VP of Operations Kathleen Elliott. According to Mahogany Youth Director Robert O'Bryant"  our Motto Give a child a fish feed them for a day. Teach a child to fish and you feed them for a lifetime becomes more relevant when you can take them on the water and help them catch a memorable fish. Most of the time the kids only get to fish from shore and catch small fish. This will allow them access to better fishing areas and also can be used for our scientific research. And our invasive fish program will have a way to access more areas for harvest and research. It really takes our program to another level."

Join Bass Pro Shop in supporting this vital program with your donation. This will provide for youth scholarships to the winter break, spring break and summer camp.
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