What Your Donation Means

What does it mean when you make a donation to Mahogany Youth Corporation? You make a donation and you fund a child’s after-school program or summer camp. Your donations fund transportation for a child to see the everglades for the first time or go to the beach and see the ocean. Many of our children have never left an 8 block radius. YOU change their world. When they go on an airboat ride or in a boat in the ocean it is life changing. You give them a gift that forever expands their possibilitiesThey start to consider careers in Marine Biology, boating, and then all of a sudden their world opens up to include goals, dreams and aspirations. This is what your donation means. A child starts to dream about a future that includes fishing, and more. 

You Make the Difference In A Child’s Life
Donate Volunteer Sponsor


Provides for


Summer Camp for 250 kids


After School Program


Weekend Program


Environmental Program


Fishing Equipment 200 kids


Tackle Boxes for 200 Kids


10 Weeks of Summer Camp


Bus Transportation


Summer Camp for 10 weeks




Food for 1 Event


Bait for 1 Event


Summer Camp for 1 week


Sponsor 1 Child for 3 fishing events


1 Child Day  Water w/Lunch


Hooks for 1 Event or
Camp for 1 Day


Every Donation is Appreciated

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